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Laser Treatment For Freckles, Stains, Melasma, Nevus Ota y Pigmented Lesions Removal

- Recover the beauty of your skin -
Laser Treatment For Freckles, Stains, Melasma, Nevus Ota y Pigmented Lesions Removal
Ximena Zamora - Ex Miss Ecuador

Generally, pigmented lesions are caused by an excess of melanin in certain skin cells (melanin is the substance that gives skin color). Until recently the only procedures for pigmented lesions (spots) were dermabrasion, cryosurgery or plastic surgery; but these techniques have the risk of scarring or hypo pigmented spots (white). 

Topical creams improve some injuries but do not provide a substantial clearance to them, and when the lesion is deep it lacks of effectiveness.

Laser Skin Clinic, is the only one in Latin America with different types of last generation lasers to treat not only epidermal or superficial  lesions, but dermal or deep lesions; even the chronic pigmentary disorders such as melasma and ochronosis type, with excellent results.

Classification of pigmented lesions

  • Superficial or epidermal lesions
  • Dermal or deep lesions
  • Mixed lesions

The racial mixture in Latin America provokes that many of our patients have a tendency to hyper pigmentations (dark spots), as well as chronic and irregular Hypo pigmentations (white spots) type melasma; and the irregular healing, which means the tendency to keloid or hypertrophic scars easily.

New and unique treatment of Melasma laser and Ochronosis

Our clinic has been a pioneer in the laser treatment of chronic diseases such as melasma and ochronosis, and is the only one with edge technology to treat these diseases. Besides, it counts with an extensive experience in treating the Latin skin with excellent results.
It is required the use of several lasers to treat a wide range of pigmented , as some just  treat ,superficially, the pigments in the epidermis while other reach deeper to skin lesions.

Epidermal or superficial lesions

The most common injuries that can be treated successfully with laser and without disability are:

  • Freckles
  • Solar lentigines or age spots
  • Diffuse pigmentation and superficial Dyschromias
  • Pigmented acrocordomas
  • Papular dermatoid nigra

Freckles and solar lentigines:

  • Lentigines: pigmented spots produced by sun damage
  • Ephelids or freckles: small pigmented spots that appear at birth or shortly thereafter.

Laser beams are the ideal way to remove it. We have three different lasers according to the skin type. The treatment is safe and fast and the results are amazing. A laser beam is applied to the injury and absorbs the melanin of this by stirring it.

It is not recommended the removal of these lesions with cryosurgery or chemical peeling; since, sometimes it can leave many scars.

These injuries require about 1-3 sessions and the results are excellent.

Nevus (Ota)

Our clinic has an extensive experience in dealing with special and various lasers Q-Swtich of Nevus and in a permanent way.


They are skin discoloration, manifested in different shades. Our clinic has several lasers to achieve uniformity in the color of the skin, offering treatments without disability or anesthesia.


  • The treatment with high-power lasers is approved by the U.S. FDA and the EC (European Community)
  • They are safe, fast and effective.
  • They are not painful; the patient feels just a little discomfort.
  • They do not cause disability and does not require local or general anesthesia.
  • The wide variety of lasers not only allows us to treat superficial lesions (epidermis) but deeper (dermis).

Melasma and hyper pigmented

Melasma is a hyper melanosis (excess of melanin production) manifested through gained spots (macules), irregular face, neck and forearms, all of them chronic. Its origins are multi factorial and it is more common in African-Americans.

Until now, there is not a cure for melasma but successful treatments to improve this condition, through the substantial clearing of the spots which allows a better appearance and reduce the use of cosmetics.

Our clinic has new treatments with the latest laser technology to improve their appearance with surprising results. Thus, allowing the treatment of such lesions deeply; unlike the conventional treatment with topical creams that work only at the surface of the skin.