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Facial Fillers, Dermatologic Treatment And Laser Mole Removal.

- Say goodbye to wrinkles and revitalize your beauty -
Facial Fillers, Dermatologic Treatment And Laser Mole Removal.
Ximena Zamora - Ex Miss Ecuador

There are different types of wrinkles and is important to distinguish between them for proper treatment:

Static wrinkles: These are not dependent on a movement of muscle and is produced by the aging process. These are effectively treated with laser, this being the most advanced technique for this.

Dynamic wrinkles: These are caused by involuntary movement of muscles and the solution to these is the application of facial fillers, which temporarily allows paralyze the movement of these, with results lasting as long as they are serviced.

The ideal is to combine the two previous solutions for the best results in rejuvenation.


Lasers can stimulate the generation of collagen naturally, leading to an improvement in wrinkles, from mild to severe. When wrinkles are severe and deep grooves are formed, ideally combined with hyaluronic acid to smooth the depth of these.

This substance unlike other fillers is 100% biocompatible and is reabsorbed by the body in about 4 months.

Our clinic uses only biodegradable fillers such guarantee very good aesthetic results without the disadvantages of permanent type fillings.

Dermatological treatments:

Our clinic has specialists in dermatology mole removal, biopsies and other skin treatments.

Next-generation fills depressions and thickening of tissues deep furrows and folds

  • Psoriasis Laser
  • Moles
  • Warts
  • Biopcias

If you suffer from such diseases of the skin, here are great news; Laser Skin Clinic has the new regentlite laser for their treatment, so you can get a better quality of life.